Ikaros Cancer Vaccines
Ikaros Cancer Vaccines


1. Divisional applications USPA, 14/339,797, (continuation of USPA
13/556,876) and MDA01-049; UTSC.P0711US.D1; U.SPA No. 14/445,776 submitted
to the USPTO.


2. In preparation:revival of patent applications USPA 12,529,729,(
USPA’9’759) and UTSC:1044USP1,(MDA10-042),USSN 61/292,402,(USPA‘402).


3. Licensee/Sublicensee interested to develop second generation E75, (alias
NeuVax), metastases prevention cancer vaccines contact us.


4.  US Patent 8,815,256B2, by Constantin G. Ioannides and Georges E. Peoples
Filled July 24, 2012, Issued August 26, 2014.  Must be assigned jointly to
the University of Texas System Board of Regents, Austin, Texas  and Henry
Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc, (“HJF”),
Bethesda, MD.


5.Income from Grants of License of the Principal Creator, Professor
Ioannides’ inventions:

6.  *2/09/2006, IIA Agreement  appointed President, as Manager.9/11/2006.Patent
and Technology License between Board, UT System, MDACC, Henry M. Jackson
Foundation for Military Medicine, (“ HJF”), and Advanced Peptide
Therapeutics Inc, (APT).*


Page 11, § 4.3: Unless otherwise provided, all such payments are payable*
within* 30, (30), calendar days after March 31, June 30,September 30,and
December 31 of each year, during the term of this agreement, ..

Page 12-13 § 4.4  (page 13,line 2) If any amounts due to MDACC are
determined to be underpaid  in an amount equal to or greater than 5 % in
the period so examined the Licensee will pay the costs of examination plus
accrued interest at the  highest allowable rate… XIII. Terms and
Termination:13.3.Subject to any rights herein, which survive termination,
this agreement will earlier terminate in its entirety   (a). upon 30
calendar days written  notice from MDACC if Licensee breaches or defaults
on the payments and report obligations.,… unless before the end of the end
of such 30 calendar days notice period,  Licensee has curred the default…
(h). if licensee has defaulted or has been late on its payment obligations
pursuant to the terms of this agreement on any two (2) occasions in a 12
months period.

Section 15.4, page 26: “ The Texas State Courts of Harris County, Texas, (
or if there is exclusive Federal Jurisdiction, the US District Court for
the Southern District of Texas) shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue
over any dispute arising of such courts” etc


Section 15.5 “ page 27” Any dispute or controversy arising out of or
related to this agreement, its construction or its alleged breach of
contract will be decided by mediation”. … etc alternative dispute


Section 15.6 “ Failure of BOARD, UTMDACC, or HJF  to enforce a right under
this agreement will not act as a waiver of right or ability to later assert
that right relative to the particular situation involved.



7. 11.07.08. E39.Unmamed FBP license to Rxi with removed pages received from Dr. Scher in 12/09/2014, Inventor was not consulted nor provided input.


8. 12.04.27. GALE share distribution 95: GALE, 5:RXII

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