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Ikaros Cancer Vaccines

Clinical trial results of Dr. Peoples and Dr.Mittendorf  with Dr. Ioannides & co-inventors’ compounds E75, E39, AE37

Interim analysis of a phase I_IIa trial assessing E39_GM-CSF, a folate binding protein vaccine

Report of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program of the Department of Defense 2014 by Drs. Mittendorf and Peoples

10.18.2015. Blogger FightCancerNow

GALE message board  information  found, in chronological order:


1.     January 14, 2014: Press Release from Galena: "Galena licenses
commercial rights to Dr. Reddy's for NeuVax™ (nelipepimut-S) in breast and
gastric cancers; Dr. Reddy's to lead the development of NeuVax in Gastric
Cancer, significantly expanding the potential addressable patient
population; Galena to receive development and sales milestones, as well as
double-digit royalties on net sales; Licensing and development terms
contracted conditioned upon agreement on ancillary activities"*


2.     March 2014: Galena Q4 and Year End Report: "Dr. Reddy's
partnership expands the potential indication and geographic footprint for
NeuVax. Galena licensed the commercial rights to Dr. Reddy's for NeuVax in
breast and gastric cancers in India. As part of the agreement, Dr. Reddy's
will evaluate NeuVax in gastric cancer in a Phase 2 clinical trial that is
expected to initiate in 2016. "

3.     Current statements on Galena Website under pipeline section of
the site: " January 2014 we partnered NeuVax with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Ltd, an international pharmaceutical company based in India, for the
commercialization of NeuVax in that region. Dr. Reddy’s is responsible for
conducting a Phase 2 gastric cancer trial, which is expected to initiate in

Courtesy permission of ASCO.org and AACR owners of the abstracts.

Clinical Trial Results of the HER-2/neu (E75) Vaccine to Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence in High-Risk Patients

From US Military Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Group Study I-01 and I-02


Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, MD; guy T. Clifton, MD; Jarrod P. Holmes, MD; Kevin S. Clive, MD; Ritesh Patil, MD; Linda C. Benavides, MD; Jeremy D. Gates; MD; Alan K. Sears, MD; Alexander Stojadlinovic, MD; Sathibalan Ponniah, PhD; and George E. Peoples, MD


*9/17/2015.  GALE debt to HJF: * *116,698.50 U*tilization fee E39: =
103,022.50 2.5 months late + 11,426.66 interest,  (2014,18 % rate) + 2,250
(3 x $ 750 late fee). 2011-2015. HJF debt to MDACC: *185,142 + interest, *GALE
paid HJF royalty due to MDACC. * “ Titles agreement”,* pages 7-8: HJF
received $ 195,332,69 +  $ 15,000, paid MDACC $ 48,524.69 instead $ 97,666.
Owes MDACC $ 49,142.  HJF received $ 350,000 fees. Did not pay MDACC $
175,000.  (50 %) Paid me $ 39,000. Owes MDACC, $ 136,000.   HJF debt to
MDACC =  $ 49.142+ $ 136,000.

* Qui-Tam: US Patent ‘256 wrongly assigned to HJF. *Dr. Dennis showed me 1
page of a *Titles agreement* and put me sign on a blank page, 2 days after
I filed lawsuit 4;09-cv-01988. Did not give me copy. President Mendelsohn (
MDACC), did not approve the *Titles agreement* before and donation of the
MDACC-royalty to the HJF. Could be ulterior motive for 2GALE lawsuits
against me withdrawn and dismissed, respectively

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