Ikaros Cancer Vaccines
Ikaros Cancer Vaccines

Ikaros Bios: Cancer Vaccines – Prominent Cancer Research and Vaccine Development Solutions for Scientists and Businesses interested to develop Immunotherapy and Cancer Vaccines

In Memoriam, Eleonora Ioannides, George Ioannides, (my parents) and
Eustathios Maroulis (uncle, sent me Biochemistry Books).

Keywords: T cells, Immunotherapy, Cancer Vaccines, Cancer prevention


Ikaros Cancer Vaccines is one of the world’s leading companies in cutting-edge research and developments in cancer vaccines. Founded by Dr. Constantin Ioannides, Ikaros Cancer Vaccines serves as an informational center on all of its research and developments in cancer vaccines.


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The Mission of Ikaros Cancer Vaccines is to:

A. Enhance knowledge in cancer vaccines and immunotherapy:


1.       Scientific research, education 
publication of discoveries

2.       Identify markers, which predict success of cancer vaccines.


B. Help clients optimize their antigen and adjuvant to create novel cancer vaccines.


C. Advice non-profit organizations and scientists on patenting and licensing, beneficial for inventors, universities, local, USA and collaborations with foreign corporations


D. As impartial experts, help clients negotiate successful license agreements under the America Invents Act, (see the History Section).


E. We raise funds through:


  1. Grant support from federal, state and local agencies.
  2. Consultation, review, appraisal, advice of investors and of market investment funds in cancer immunotherapy and vaccines.


F. We invest our royalties and earnings in non-profit innovative cancer research. We award research funds to innovative collaborations.


To learn more, please visit our Resources & CV page or contact us for more information today. 


There is no affiliation between the website and Galena. See below attached letter from Mr. Knapp, Galena, Interim Counsel.

Professor Dr. Constantin G. Ioannides le[...]
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Owner and Manager

Constantin G. Ioannides, MSc, PhD.


Stan A. Maroulis

George I. Georgiades, EE.


"Yet it was with those who had recovered from the disease that the sick and the dying found most compassion. These knew what it was from
experience, and had now no fear for themselves; for the same man was never attacked twice - never at least fatally. And such persons not only received the congratulations of others, but themselves also, in the elation of the moment, half entertained the vain hope that they were for

the future, safe from *any disease whatsoever.*" 


- Thycydides, "The Plague"

Thucydides on The Plague
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